Why Choose Us?

H.U.N.T. is abbreviated from "HUMANITY" which means Ubuntu in African proverb. The brand represent a man with classic, upscale and trendy  style. A man of best quality and loves to inspire. H.U.N.T. offer best super quality styles and designs to keep our clients happy every time. We build relationship of best team and we are trustworthy at what we do. Wear the best, wear H.U.N.T.

Only best knows what to wear...


About Us

Nkosentsha Mathonsi

Store Owner

Microsoft international Expert in Private Cloud and Associates in Servers, worked at Fibre processing and manufacturing SETA (Fpmseta). Developed a leadership and project management skills at Lovelife organization. His loves of fashion started when he selling T-shirts on street for living in which it shows much potential to grow and he never look back. H.U.N.T is a brand tribute to his forefather ,a great HUNTER and first Kingdom kind, Mwelase.



Wynwood building,Durban 4001


Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 16:00 pm


11:00 am - 15:00 pm


11:00 am - 14:00 pm